Sport Climbing Chamonix

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Sport climbing around Chamonix is a treat! There are loads of great sport climbing crags just outside town as well as in the mountains above. But how good are the different sport climbing crags actually compared to each other? I visited Les Gaillands in Chamonix and Le Brevent to do some sport climbing there. And my experiences were quite different! Watch this climbing vlog episode and find what sport climbing crag I would recommend! Chamonix is best known for its alpine climbing on the Mont Blanc massif, but there is actually also a lot of very good rock climbing - both long multi-pitch rock climbing routes, but definitely also sport climbing. Watch this climbing vlog episode, where I show how good sport climbing is around Chamonix. I visited Les Gaillands in Chamonix, which is great sport climbing for beginners. It is low graded around grade 3, 4 and 5 on on the French climbing scale meaning that there are plenty beginner climbing here. However, it is also a very crowded sport climbing crag in Chamonix. So be prepared for waiting for the routes you want to climb. Besides the very centrally placed sport climbing crag, Les Gaillands in Chamonix, we also visited Le Brevent, where found one of the best sport climbing crags around Chamonix. Le Brevent is part of the Aiguille Rouges and here you will find some excellent sport climbing. I have been climbing Aiguille Rouges before and this is just great! This sport climbing crag is mostly grade 6 and a few 7's on the French scale. In Aiguille Rouges just near the sport climbing crag that we visited there are also a lot of multi-pitch rock climbing routes as well - like Frison-Roche (6a) and Ex Libris (6b). The latter is traditional climbing, while the first is sport climbing. Both have excellent crack climbing, face climbing and corner climbing. You approach Le Brevent in Aiguille Rouges by taking the lift from Chamonix to Le Brevent. The multi-pitch rock climbing routes are very popular, so there can be a lot of people and you might weant to get up there with the first lift. The sport climbing crag doesn't seem to be that popular - at least we have had it for ourselves the times that we have been there. So, if you are looking for do beginners sport climbing in Chamonix then visit Les Gaillands in the town of Chamonix, and visit Le Brevent if you want be sport climbing routes that are more intermediate.

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