Aiguille Purtscheller

Aiguille Purtscheller

Alpine climbing Aiguille Purtscheller on the Le Tour Glacier (Glacier du Tour) on the Mont Blanc massif is a real alpinisme adventure. The Normal route of the alpine climb runs up the South Ridge of the Aiguille Purtscheller and ends at the spiky summit itself. There are six pitches, which are all multi-pitch alpine rock climbing. You can climb the route in your mountaineering boots if you are comfortable climbing

Sport Climbing Highlight 7a in Ith

Sport Climbing Highlight 7a in Ith

In this Climbing VLOG episode we zoom in on my friends’ redpoint attempt on the sport climbing 7a route, Highlight, at Marienauer Klippen near Ith in Northern Germany. Watch the video to see how it goes! The 7a sport climbing route, Highlight, has two exciting and enduring overhangs with the crux being at the first overhang. This is a classic Ith sport climbing route, where you will climbing overhangs, pockets,

Climbing Vlog Cragcloud

What is Cragcloud

The attainable adventure! That is what this climbing vlog is about! If you are a beginner and new to rock climbing, ice climbing or alpine climbing, or you have have been climbing for a few years, this is the channel for you! Here I will post climbing vlog episodes about the attainable adventure, and I will give a bit of gear advice and show some of the greatest rock climbing,


How to ice climb Sabotørfossen in Rjukan in Norway

Sabotørfossen in Rjukan in Norway is one heck of an ice climbing classic in the area known as Upper Gorge! This is a stunning 150 meters long WI5 ice climbing multi-pitch that includes an easy slab/ramp, an amazing ice chimney and a beautiful ice face that forms a narrow steep drip at the top. Watch this ice climbing video to gain essential beta on how to ice climb Sabotørfossen in


Helbronner Alpinisme! What to climb?

Helbronner on the Mont Blanc massif near Chamonix is a spectacular place – this plateau above Chamonix and Courmayeur features some of the fines alpinisme with stunning glaciers and superb alpine climbing routes. Watch this alpine climbing vlog episode to find out what you can climb around the Helbronner area. On an alpine climbing in September 2018 I shot a short video about what to climb around this magnificent place.

Eiger Mittellegi Ridge

Climbing Eiger via Mittellegi Ridge

In this Climbing VLOG episode we focus on climbing the Eiger via the Mittellegi Ridge also known as the Mittellegi grat! This alpine climbing route in the Bernese Oberland is one of the most popular alpine climbing routes in Switzerland. Climbing the Eiger via the Mittellegi Ridge (Mittellegi grat) is a real adventure. The Mittellegi Ridge (Mittellegi grat) offers a great alpine climbing experience of combination of glacier travel, rock