Ice Axes

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Choosing the right ice climbing axe or mountaineering axe for you can be really hard! In this alpine climbing vlog episode I will touch the differences between the two major types of ice axes - the mountaineering axe and the technical ice climbing axe. And besides that, Petzl has released the Petzl Quark 2018 version, which now contains some pretty cool features making it a contender for the best allround ice axe - at least in my opinion The Petzl Quark 2018 is now a standard item in my alpine climbing kit. There are several key differences between a mountaineering axe and an ice climbing axe such as length of the shaft, the aggressiveness or curve of the shaft, the handle of the ice axe, and the teeth on the pick. Besides that the mountaineering ice axe comes in different sizes that should suit you, which the ice climbing axe does not - watch this alpine climbing vlog episode and find out how to choose the best size.

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