Best Technical Ice Axes

Video Description

How to choose the right and best crampons for you? That is one question that many ice climbers, mountaineers and alpine climbers ask themselves. Especially if you are a beginner to ice climbing or alpine climbing and don't really know what features to be looking for. So, I have tried to answer that question and in this climbing vlog episode I will talk about what I believe make out the best crampons, and help you choose the right crampons for you. Crampons are often also referred to as steigeisen, but that ist just a matter of semantics and where you are from. Well, anyway this piece of gear is absolutely essential for ice climbing, mountaineering or alpine climbing - but all are not the same! And actually, we could include hiking too - especially if you are considering doing some glacier hiking and glacier travel. Crampons (steigeisen) are needed! If you are interested in the differences between the technical ice climbing axe or ice climbing tool, and the general mountaineering ice axe, then consider watching this video.

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