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Do you want to know how to pick the best climbing backpack for you? Then watch this climbing vlog episode, where I will talk about exactly that! What features do your climbing backpack need? Based on my experience with rock climbing and alpine climbing with a backpack, I will give you the advice needed for you to pick up the right and best pack! Choosing the right climbing backpack can actually be pretty hard. If you do alpine climbing or ice climbing you would need a climbing backpack that can carry crampons. This could be a specialized crampon bag as the Gregory Alpinisto 50 or the ones featured on the Black Diamond Mission climbing backpacks. The first is actually featured in the climbing vlog episode, where I will show you some of the cool features that the Gregory Alpinisto 50 offers. Or, it could be a simple elastic string system such as what the Arc'teryx Alpha FL series which is also displayed in this climbing vlog episode. If you are rock climbing multi-pitch routes, then the Black Diamond Bee 11 would be a good climbing backpack as it is simple and has the right size for rock climbing. You probably only need to carry your approach shoes, some snacks, a windbreaker and some water, so why go with anything larger than that? What I have experienced through my rock climbing and alpine climbing is that you need a climbing backpack that is specialized for what you are climbing. If you are rock climbing with a heavy backpack that is half empty, or alpine climbing or ice climbing with a backpack that lack the right features such as crampon attachment, rope fixation, or ice axe carrying features, then you are not getting a very good climbing experience - trust me! When I started climbing I just used my ordinary hiking backpack such as the Osprey Talon 33, and that did not work out well! So, what you also should be looking for is having a hipbelt that is super slim or can be removed from the backpack. Several climbing backpacks feature that such as the Gregory Alpinisto 50, the Arc'teryx Khasim or the Grivel Alpine Pro just to mention a few. If you want to go super lightweight, then why not just use a trail running vest such as the Grivel Mountain Runner Light.

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