Dent du Geant/Dente del Gigante

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If you are into alpinisme and want to know how to climb Dent du Géant also known as Dente del Gigante on the Mont Blanc massif? Then watch this alpine climbing vlog episode! Also, watch the video to get insights, help and beta on the topo of the normal route on Dent du Géant (Dente del Gigante) and how to climb this fantastic gendarme. Dent du Géant is one of the most iconic and spectacular landmarks of the whole Mont Blanc massif standing over 4.000 meters tall on the French/Italian borderline. This gigantic rock spire features one of the post classic and popular alpine climbing routes on the massif and is one heck of a spectacular alpinisme adventure. Alpine climbing Dent du Géant (Dente del Gigante) and standing on one of its two towers, Punta Sella and Punta Graham, is something every alpinist should do! It is magnificent! On a clear day you can enjoy fantastic views of the Mont Blanc summit, Grand Jorasses and Mer du Glace. The normal route of Dent du Géant (Dente del Gigante) follows the South-West face and features five distinct pitches taking you over slabs, gullies, cracks and ridges - and the final summit! Most of the alpinisme route has thick fixed ropes that will help you ascend this amazing alpine tower. The normal route is around AD, V+ if you completely free climb the Dent du Géant (Dente del Gigante) without aid from the fixed ropes, whereas the route would be a AD, IV if you use the ropes. Climbing Dent du Géant (Dente del Gigante) is not a hard endeavor, but most if the alpine climbing route is pretty exposed. We climbed the route in september and the route was very dry. Watch the video and look for yourself!

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