Chere Couloir

Video Description

Alpine climbing Chere Couloir on Triangle du Tacul near Aiguille du Midi in good conditions is one thing - climbing this magnificent and spectacular alpine climbing route in bad conditions is a different thing. During an alpine climbing trip to Chamonix in late August 2018 we gave the Chere Couloir near Aiguille du Midi a shot - a real alpinisme classique in Chamonix! A classic alpine climb! Boy, where we surprised of the bad conditions! Chere Couloir is a grade D+ alpine climbing route that follows an ice gully, and in good conditions would almost be a complete ice climb, but in bad conditions Chere Couloir would be something completely different. Thin ice, loads of loose rock and debris made this a challenging and enduring piece of alpinisme. The way you approach Chere Couloir would be to take the lift from Chamonix via Aiguille du Plan to Aiguille du Midi, then hike down into Vallee Blanche, and cross this fantastic glacier. You will find Chere Couloir on the far right side of the Triangle du Tacul that resides just below the summit of Mont Maudit and Mont Blanc as shown in the video.

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  • Place(s):

    Aiguille du Midi

  • Type of Adventure:

    Alpine Climbing
    Ice Climbing

  • Date:

    September 3, 2018

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