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The attainable adventure! That is what this climbing vlog is about! If you are a beginner and new to rock climbing, ice climbing or alpine climbing, or you have have been climbing for a few years, this is the channel for you! Here I will post climbing vlog episodes about the attainable adventure, and I will give a bit of gear advice and show some of the greatest rock climbing,


How to ice climb Sabotørfossen in Rjukan in Norway

Sabotørfossen in Rjukan in Norway is one heck of an ice climbing classic in the area known as Upper Gorge! This is a stunning 150 meters long WI5 ice climbing multi-pitch that includes an easy slab/ramp, an amazing ice chimney and a beautiful ice face that forms a narrow steep drip at the top. Watch this ice climbing video to gain essential beta on how to ice climb Sabotørfossen in