Sport Climbing Chamonix

Sport climbing Chamonix, how GOOD is Les Gaillands and Le Brevent?

Sport climbing around Chamonix is a treat! There are loads of great sport climbing crags just outside town as well as in the mountains above. But how good are the different sport climbing crags actually compared to each other? I visited Les Gaillands in Chamonix and Le Brevent to do some sport climbing there. And my experiences were quite different! Watch this climbing vlog episode and find what sport climbing

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The attainable adventure! That is what this climbing vlog is about! If you are a beginner and new to rock climbing, ice climbing or alpine climbing, or you have have been climbing for a few years, this is the channel for you! Here I will post climbing vlog episodes about the attainable adventure, and I will give a bit of gear advice and show some of the greatest rock climbing,