Dent du Geant/Dente del Gigante

Climbing Dent du Géant (Dente del Gigante)

If you are into alpinisme and want to know how to climb Dent du Géant also known as Dente del Gigante on the Mont Blanc massif? Then watch this alpine climbing vlog episode! Also, watch the video to get insights, help and beta on the topo of the normal route on Dent du Géant (Dente del Gigante) and how to climb this fantastic gendarme. Dent du Géant is one of


Helbronner Alpinisme! What to climb?

Helbronner on the Mont Blanc massif near Chamonix is a spectacular place – this plateau above Chamonix and Courmayeur features some of the fines alpinisme with stunning glaciers and superb alpine climbing routes. Watch this alpine climbing vlog episode to find out what you can climb around the Helbronner area. On an alpine climbing in September 2018 I shot a short video about what to climb around this magnificent place.