About Cragcloud

I am Henrik! – I am an adventurer, climber, trekker and generally a quite curious guy. Climbing is my passion. Cragcloud is me paying back to the climbing community in terms of experiences and advice on crags and gear


What motivates me about climbing is not the adrenalin rush that some might seek, nor the outdoor life or the vast amount of beautiful places that traditional, sport or technical ice climbing can take you to – like the Cinque Torri in the Dolomites, or a tent under the stars at the foot of Mont Blanc – although those are nice side effects. What truly fascinates me about climbing is the focus. Climbing blocks out everything else. I have a stressful day job, two kids and a load of responsibilities – you know it, right? You also have responsibilities. That’s not a bad thing – I love my two beautiful daughters and I enjoy my work. But belaying my mate at the belay stance on the third pitch on an ice climbing multi-pitch or clipping a quickdraw to a bolt on a sport climbing route, just removes all thoughts about everything else. You are there – 100%. Everything else doesn’t matter.

Climbing is my passion. I am thrilled by the focus. When climbing I am there. 100%.
I am a passionate adventurer and climber. I am thrilled by the focus. When climbing I am there. 100%.

Why Cragcloud

I have created Cragcloud to share my passion with others. I’ve had the pleasure to visit quite a few crags around Europe – being based in Denmark means I can only climb if I travel. Inspiration is one of the key reasons I created Cragcloud. I would like to inspire you to go new places and to explore crags around Europe.

And when climbing, remember: “Getting to the top is optional. Getting down is mandatory” – Ed Viesturs

Please do not hesitate to drop a line on Cragcloud if you have questions, comments, ideas, input and feedback.

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